Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's been forever!

I apologize for not posting anything new for quite awhile. With everything going on here the past two months or so, I haven't engaged in much small ruminant training.

Sadly, I'm learning that though Mopple is a total sweetie, he is not the brightest bulb in the pack. I'm sure he'll learn to pull the wagon with no qualms but agility sheep status is probably beyond him. I have to lock our road gate every day Mopple is in the yard with the other animals because he has no concept of safety around motor vehicles. Last week the UPS truck would've hit him if the nice driver wasn't at the wheel and John nearly backed over him with the tractor. Revving engines doesn’t help. He’s too trusting and has no concept of danger; even when the other sheep and goats scatter, he stands and watches them go. Still, he's such a happy and pretty boy and pulling the wagon will be enough. I'm thinking one of the adult wethers might like to learn agility in his place.

Still, this will remain The Mopple Chronicles. He’s such a sweet, lover boy; he deserves this spotlight.

Another of our animal children in the spotlight is our Nubian buck, Martok, who blogs at the Hobby Farms Online website ( and is featured on Hobby Farms’ free, downloadable “2010 Mondays with Martok calendar”. Download your copy here:

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