Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mopple moves outdoors (part-time)

Not much has happened the past few days as it’s been very hot and humid and I’ve been under the weather with an oogy tummy.

Mopple has been spending part of the day out in the pen Big Mama and Tank (goats) use at night. It’s escape-proof and this way he can safely interact with the other sheep and goats through the fence. He isn’t enthused about this and screams when first deposited in the pen, though he settles down fairly quickly.

He tries to interact with the sheep when I have him loose in the yard with me (I pick him up when the adult goats are nearby, lest they butt him). Most of the ewes and wethers accept him but the spring lambs think he’s scary and stomp their feet to warn him away.

He’s drinking water from a pan but (so far) isn’t interested in dry feed (apart from nibbling grass). I’ll pick up some Honey Nut Cheerios today and feed a few to the little guy. They’re perfect rewards for clicker training sheep and goats.

This morning I left the door to the walk-in closet open (it’s an unused bedroom) and found him in there repeatedly butting a bag of raw Cheviot fleece with all his might. He gets on butting jags from time to time, though he quickly learned that butting humans is unacceptable.

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