Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're showing progress!

Mopple is hard to photograph! His features get lost in his very black face.

I’ve never started lead training a baby this young but things are coming along nicely.
Using the bottle as a reward a la Squishy in The Box Game ( didn’t pan out as Mopple is extremely focused on food and continually mobs me if he knows I’m holding the bottle. So, I’m scratching his back as a reward for now. Next time I go to town I’ll buy a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and teach him to eat Cheerio rewards (my goats love these).

So far we’ve only led indoors (no distractions) but since the day is dawning bright and clear, today I’ll take the project outdoors.

I’ve been thinking ahead to moving him to outdoor quarters when he’s older (that won’t happen for a couple more weeks). I think I’ll buddy him up with Edmund, the Nubian kid I started clicker training this spring. Edmund is disbudded and also black (with frosted ears and a few white spots), so they should make a cute pair for exhibitions. Edmund is older but he’s not a huge kid; by the time Mopple moves out, they should be a good match, weight-wise, though Edmund will be taller.

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